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Monthly Practices

Je Rinpoche.jpgLama Choepa - Tsog Offering

In the Mahayana tantric tradition, guru devotion is an essential practice.  Lama Choepa is a blessed and powerful practice to purify negativities and to create merits by offering prayers to Lama Je Tsongkhapa who is inseparable from all the Buddhas.  The guru is a personified form of all the enlightened beings and represents the complete blessings of Body, Speech, and Mind of the Buddhas.  This practice is very beneficial since one can collect a great amount of merit and receive blessings from the enlightened beings.


Cittamani Tara Puja

Green Tara single website.jpgTo be successful in our Dharma practice and to actualize the path to Enlightenment, we need to rely on a special Buddha like Tara.  She is the Buddha in female form and is the embodiment of all the Buddhas’ siddhis.  Tara is also known as the mother of all Buddhas.  There are many inner and outer obstacles to our spiritual development.  As the goddess of compassion, she has twenty-one forms, each possessing different qualities to assist sentient beings.  She grants accomplishments and provides protections from all sufferings, sickness, and obstacles.



kangsoFor the benefit of sentient beings, the Buddha emanated in different forms, as a teacher, deities, and as protectors. In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, each monastery and each individual relies upon specific spiritual protectors to support their spiritual activities. The function of protectors is to dispel spiritual obstacles and create and provide conducive conditions for one to achieve spiritual goals. Kangso is a practice that fulfills and restores one's spiritual connection with the protector and contribute to the accumulation of merits.